TGS “Neto” Lightweight tactical vest

Product Specifications

Our latest design. more comfortable. better dynamics. extra modular.

  • Tactical vest
  • Fabric: Cordora 1000
  • IDF strict standards for max sturdiness
  • 3d-net interior allowing your torso to breathe
  • Easy unwind connectors
  • Dedicated connection to a backpack/carrier
  • Weather proof and can be taken out in most terrains
  • Skinny fit


Lightweight tactical vest

We’re veterans. We know what’s it like to struggle with heavy and inconvenient loads in rough terrain. That’s why we developed tactical gear that not only has a sleek, professional look but also meets the stringent standards of the Israeli and international elite units. When you’re in the field, you need equipment that doesn’t slow you down or distract you.

Is a Lightweight tactical vest bulletproof?

NO, “Neto” is a lightweight combat vest, created for elite unit fighters. The vest is made of breathable fabric, attaches to a range of weapons, and has a unique modular concept that makes it possible to adapt the right interface to each person and maintain a light overall weight while preferring fast movement over safety


What is the purpose of a tactical vest?

The TGS “NETO” Lightweight Tactical Vest was designed for military warriors, but it can help in lots of fields. We supply and fit it to drone operators, paramedics, sea units, and more. This vest is made of a strong material that can hold any kind of device you need for your work.

What makes it different from a modular military tactical vest?

With features like an adjustable and removable backpack, a hydration bladder pouch, a chest controller pouch, and more, this vest is perfect for any professional who needs to take their gear on the go. our diverse tactical pouches complete the modularity range that we offer.

How to style a tactical vest?

Tactical gear is not just about your safety, but also about your comfort.

Get ready to experience an all-new world of gear that is comfortable, fashionable, and functional for any operation.

Custom Capabilities

Searching for the perfect gear? We carry a product that can fit any need. Our modular gear has a custom solution that can meet your demands. Contact us, and we will find the perfect solution to meet your needs.


Additional information

Weight420 g

Black, Desert tan, Ranger Green